Located in the city of Estremoz, in the portuguese region of Norte Alentejo...

… this palace-like house from the beginning of the 18th century is held as a reference, not only for its beauty but also for its history and quality of its wines.
Its interior is rich in tiles from the 18th Century, and the typical marble of the region can also be found all around the house. According to history, this estate was once acquired by king João V as a present to a lady of the court, D. Maria, with whom he was madly in love.

This estate and the wine currently produced here were named after this lady. The estate is also known as Quinta do Carmo because a few years after the construction of the house a chapel was built, dating from 1752, dedicated and consecrated to “Our Lady of Carmel”. The walled Garden, at the end of the patio, is surrounded by secular palm trees and nooks filled with history.

It is the best and most beautiful country house of the region, maintaining its original elements of Baroque and Joanine architecture…

Inventário Artístico de Évora

The Garden

At the centre of the garden there is an arbour of entangled iron, which offers a cool and welcoming space. There is also a small lake with a stone waterfall and an old irrigation tank with a white marble statue of Neptune, holding a trident, ruling over a group of nereids and sea monsters.


A wine with a flavour of history