The vineyards extend throughout 80 ha

In 2001, Júlio Bastos acquired an estate he thought most appropriate for planting new vines and in 2002 bought a vineyard which is now over 50 years old and whose genetic heritage is over 150 years old, and is located right next to the previously acquired estate. This vineyard has the particularity of maintaining almost the exact same characteristics, both in terms of soil and varieties as the previous one, whose grapes where used to produce the old “Garrafeiras”.

Currently, the vineyards extend throughout 80 ha, of which 12 ha are planted with white grape varieties and 68 ha with red grape varieties.

This vines are planted, in its majority, on clay soils, mildly lime and with a good water retention, no irrigation is needed.

As vinhas têm a particularidade de não serem regadas, sendo sujeitas a um “stress” hídrico, resultando uma menor produção e melhor qualidade.


Ha White grape


Ha Red grape

Red grape varieties

Alicante Bouschet

Touriga Nacional

Cabernet Sauvignon


Petit Verdot


White grape varieties




Antão Vaz


This terroir is at an altitude of approximately 450m with wide atmospheric temperature ranges, cool nights and warm days. This results in a perfect maturation of the grapes.